Conference 2019

Our 2019 conference looks at how our behaviour impacts on the environment in which we operate, the theme for this year’s conference is – The Retirement Ecosystem: You Have The Power.

The retirement funding sector has a significant impact on the societies it serves and working towards positive change should be the goal of each participant.

For us an optimal ecosystem monitors, evaluates and self-corrects; is resilient and dynamic. We know that the retirement funding ecosystem is a complex interconnected network and that all the diverse stakeholders are integral to it and make an impact. Each component has the power to influence this ecosystem positively or negatively. We will be exploring the existing pensions ecosystem and highlight the components as well as the interrelationship between its parts by examining roles within this system in order to understand the impact and power of individual actions. We hope with this conference to surface and highlight trends and practices that equip participants to positively influence the system for the ultimate benefit of improved retirement outcomes.

Our conference attracts delegates from across the industry spectrum: from service providers, retirement funds, organised labour to policymakers and regulators. The IRFA annual conference is quite simply where the decision makers come to share knowledge and trends.

The management board of the Institute of Retirement Funds Africa, the staff team and the vice-president hope you can join us in making this year’s conference a catalyst for positive change.

Wayne Hiller van Rensburg
Institute of Retirement Funds Africa

Click here to download the concept document.