Angela Okinda

Angela Okinda
Principal Consultant within Zamara

Angela has gained excellent exposure to pensions, insurance and actuarial consultancy work over the last 12 years. She is a Principal Consultant within Zamara (formerly Alexander Forbes) and has been involved in providing a wide range of consultancy services to our clients in East, Western and Southern Africa, as well as Europe

Angela is currently heading the Umbrella Solutions Division that manages the largest multi-employer retirement fund in East and Central Africa. Angela has been a strategic issues pensions’ consultant for the East African region to over 50 companies in Kenya including regulators, multinationals, parastatals, Non-governmental organizations and other body corporates

Angela has gained considerable experience in:
Structure and design of retirement funds across defined benefit and defined contribution funds;
Retirement fund operations including member based platforms as well as administration and accounting
Development of strategic plans and support of the Board with the implementation of the strategic plan based on milestones;
Review of Fund Investment Strategies including Investment Policies as well as monitoring of performance against agreed benchmarks;
Investment Manager Assessment, selection and contracting processes;
Involvement in due diligence of alternative investments such as real estate and private equity including assessment of investment rationale as well as cause of review of legal documents;
Monitoring of key real estate projects include mixed use and commercial with an aim to deliver the project team to deliver the desired quality project, on time and within budget;
Compliance and risk management for retirement funds;
Innovation of new financial solutions;
Empowering members and Boards through education and communication;
Angela has extensive research interests and has written papers on several areas of financial management, actuarial and investment research areas.

She is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars on investment, social security, employee benefits and pension matters.