BrightRock is the provider of the first-ever needs-matched life insurance, and the fastest-growing insurer in the individual intermediated risk market. We now offer group risk schemes the same needs-matched approach and market-leading benefits, like:

  • Industry-first, objective clinical criteria for temporary and permanent disability so members can qualify for pay-out on diagnosis of listed conditions. No vague, subjective occupation-based criteria.
  • No annual reassessments of permanent disability claims, ensuring claim certainty and reducing the administrative burden on schemes.
  • Trauma IQ – market-first cover for traumatic events and accidents, automatically included with group life or critical illness cover.
  • Claim-stage choice between a recurring pay-out and lump-sum pay-out (or a combination) for permanent disability and death claims, ensuring members’ pay-outs best suit their circumstances at the time of claim.
  • Members can double their cover free of underwriting (up to free cover limit) and convert their group risk policy to an individual policy when they leave the scheme.
  • Cover can be priced to precisely match the shape of the financial exposure faced by each employee over time, allowing schemes to buy up to 30% more cover for the same premium.

Through our unique approach, we provide cost-efficient cover that truly meets members’ needs and provides greater certainty and flexibility – now and in the future.