What are the anticipated number of delegates for the event?

Our market research and recent participation in the webinars we are hosting indicates we should have between 500 and 700 participants. The virtual conference is however not limited to these numbers and can potentially increase due to demand and interest. In our experience content of the programme is the biggest driver of participation.

Who attends the IRFA Annual conference and who is the virtual conference target audience?

The IRFA conference attendees represent a broad spectrum of the retirement sector from all over South Africa but mainly Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We mainly host retirement fund fiduciaries (they represent roughly 70% of participants) who use the conference as an opportunity to be informed about new trends in investments, stakeholder engagement, technologies associated with the retirement sector and changes to the regulatory framework. We usually host a number of retirement fund professionals and fiduciaries from our neighbouring countries, in the past SADC participation has represented roughly 30% of the delegates. For the November 2020 conference we would like to encourage these same delegates to participate in the virtual conference.

What would be expected of Plenary & Master Class Sponsors

The IRFA is aware that many businesses in the pension sector have access to subject matter specialists. The approach is therefore to provide Plenary and Master Class sponsors the opportunity to identify topics aligned to the conference concept note, identify and invite speakers and panelists.

The plenary sessions and master classes need to be informative, an opportunity for sharing of new ideas, data and research, without being a direct marketing platform.

As this is the IRFA virtual conference the expectation is that a delegated IRFA board member would co-host the session and moderated jointly with the sponsor. We would like to ensure that we collectively present the highest quality content and delegate experience for this reason we request that speakers and panellists make themselves available for the necessary rehearsal and preparation in accordance with the organiser timelines.

When will the proposed topic and speaker be required for consideration?

Upon confirmation of the plenary sponsorship slot or master class being contracted, the sponsor has 10 working days to submit the topic, speakers, and panellists for consideration and mutual agreement. During this time the IRFA conference organising committee will be available for consultation and participation in the planning as needed by the sponsor.

Branding opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors?

Only the 4 plenary sponsors branding/logo’s will be made available on the scrolling top banner of the virtual conference home page. All other sponsors and exhibitors branding will be viewed in the virtual exhibition.

How and when will exhibitors be visited by the virtual attendees?

The program has dedicated time slots allocated to visit the virtual exhibition however the virtual exhibition space will be available at all times for the duration of the conference. The virtual exhibition will also be accessible for the duration of the conference as well as prior to conference commencement at the start of each day.

Clarity required regarding IRF Trustees Educational Grant Fund

The IRFA is aware that due to the downturn in the economy there may be a need to provide financial support to retirement fund trustees who would like to attend the conference. We would like to invite sponsors to consider providing additional funds to cover the cost for these trustees.

CPD points (FPI Southern Africa Members)

The CPD points for FPI members will be managed via virtual tracking system based on participants attendance of sessions and the completion of session surveys available immediately after each session.  Participants will be required to login and attend the entire session to qualify and be awarded the CPD points allocated for a session. On conclusion of the virtual conference CPD certificates will be mail to delegates with the CPD points individually earned based on the sessions attended.

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