As South Africa’s leading independent financial services provider, FedGroup has carved a niche by doing things differently. As a family-owned business, it still subscribes to the seemingly old-fashioned values of honesty, integrity and dignity, while at the same time developing a high-tech, streamlined approach to deliver services to its clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.
FedGroup has noted a growing distrust in the financial services industry because of the proliferation of products that are deliberately complex, which does not serve the purpose of assisting clients in making informed decisions. Through an approach of simplifying product lines and introducing smart technology, service levels are reliable and predictable for FedGroup’s clients.
This commitment to innovation also means that new, exciting wealth creation products are introduced to the local market. These new products support the existing product lines that include group risk cover, trusts and wills, Secured Investment, Beneficiary Care and unit trusts.
FedGroup’s commitment to ethics, transparency, simplicity and fair pricing has seen it collect an ever-growing number of industry awards.