Ludwick Phuthi Sekoakoa

Entrepreneur and founder of BASA Educational Institute Trust

In 1992, Mr Ludwick Phuthi Sekoakoa and Mr Herbert Maduke Ncube founded the BASA Educational Institute Trust, a 100% black-managed schools organisation delivering high-quality low-fee schooling to children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in Johannesburg. BASA was among the first black operators to benefit from an OMAI Schools Fund investment.

Mr Sekoakoa, later took up an accountant position at the National Union of Mineworkers in pursuit of his career of choice. Then in 1996 was appointed as a financial manager in the office of the Premier of Northern Cape. This strengthened his leadership skills and extended his horizon in, government sphere, commerce and labour. The promulgation of Public Finance Management Act introduced Internal Audit for the first time in public service. He was appointed to establish the Internal Unit for the Government of Northern Cape in 1998.

In 2000 he re-joined BASA as an executive director. BASA needed enhancement in its governance and capacity to establish more branches. During these years, BASA had grown to 6 schools in and around Johannesburg, including Soweto and Diepsloot. These schools service approximately 6 500 students, employing 270 dedicated educators.