Momentum Investments

We understand that your investment isn’t just another investment. It’s unique to you. Through meaningful partnerships, we believe in delivering personal investment goals together. Because for us it’s personal.
Our investment approach means constructing a portfolio that is capable of meeting an investor’s needs. Our outcome-based investing philosophy places the investor’s needs at the centre of the investment process, allowing us to align your investment with your financial goals. Our investment solutions include multi- and single-asset-class solutions, as well as specialist portfolios, offering you a broad range of investment strategies with access to various asset classes.

Momentum Investments was created as a direct result of Momentum Metropolitan Holdings Limited’s client-centricity strategy and journey, through the consolidation of all the investment capabilities across MMI Holdings, and was established on 1 December 2010. The underlying investment businesses that came together to make up Momentum Investments include Momentum Asset Management, Momentum Outcome-based Solutions, Momentum Investment Consulting, Momentum Alternative Investments, ERIS Property Group and Momentum SP Reid and Momentum Global Investment Management.

Momentum Metropolitan Holdings is our shareholder, affording us the stability and strength of a listed company. The security of the Momentum Metropolitan Life Limited balance sheet offers protection that few others can. This access to the support and resources of a larger group allows you the peace of mind that cannot always be offered by smaller companies in the financial field.