Regiments Fund Managers

Regiments Fund Managers, a subsidiary of Regiments, is a leading Liability Driven Investment (LDI) manager in South Africa. We designed and implemented the City of Johannesburg’s Debt Redemption Fund in 2006 and have run it since its inception. We currently have over R4.07 billion in assets under management against R4.78 billion in liabilities.

Regiments’ specialised fund management business provides tailored liability-driven Investment offerings, primarily to public sector clients. Our liability-plus process provides a framework in which we control the amount of risk taken for a targeted level of performance. Key to this is keeping the clients’ liability profile at the heart of the solution. Risk budgeting and performance attribution with outperformance overlays are applied with the aim of producing superior risk-adjusted performance over the client liabilities. We earn revenue from fund management and consulting, and income takes the form of management fees, consulting fees and performance fees linked to our ability to deliver economic value to the client.
Our solutions include:

  • Debt redemption: A liability-plus solution that assists public sector clients in managing and repaying large debt arrangements on time.
  • Pension liability-plus: Defined benefit funds are particularly amenable to liability-driven investment solutions. Our liability-plus pension solution integrates all the investment and modelling steps in a pension fund.
  • ALBI-plus solution: This solution applies some of the techniques from liability-plus to asset-only management to produce superior risk-adjusted returns.