IRFA 2021 Sponsorship Guide

Our hybrid conference model will capture both the essence and the experience.


Since March 2020 we have learnt that many of our members and supporters want in-person events but also recognise the benefits of shorter knowledge-based sessions.

We have hosted several well received, shorter webinar events which we have been asked to continue doing.

We would like to invite our sponsors to participate in both the in-person events as well as our monthly webinar sessions.


Kindly note for your consideration, we are wanting to focus once again on the in-person engagement and element of the conference of which the exhibition is a key part of this like previous IRFA conferences.

Other than the programme content exhibition/exhibitor presence at the venue for that direct one on one engagement with the attendees would be very valuable. The tabletop exhibition consists of a 3mx3m fabric stand, see image attached.

All COVID-19 protocols will be in place and as well as the stand includes sneeze screens as protection.

Ensuring Quality Content: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation

The IRFA is not a professional association and as such we have partnered with the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI) to accredit our events for FAIS-based CPD. For this reason, we are requesting all our speakers to adhere to the guidelines provided when developing their content. We attach a copy of the FPI guide to assist you and welcome any engagement you would like to have on the content to ensure adherence to the CPD criteria. For this reason, we are requesting all our speakers to adhere to the FPI guidelines when developing their content.

Click here for the FPI guidelines.